What sort of writing can I do for you?

Writing is something I love dearly, and has been a major part of my life for decades. While I certainly have niches in which I write a great deal, I enjoy exploring many different types of freelance writing. To me, it is less about the type of writing I do than it is about the challenge of writing in a voice that not only suits my clients, but delivering content that engages their target audiences, entertains them, and then persuades them to take action. Take a look at some of my clips below to see some examples of what I can do for you, or download my portfolio as a PDF.


Articles and Blog Posts

I have written numerous articles and blog posts for companies regarding a wide variety of topics, including

Investigative Writing

While a professional investigator, I wrote both training materials and policy articles used by a Fortune 500 company to ensure its employees worked within the boundaries of the law. For example, this was a presentation I developed, along with a corporate policy document, to guide investigators on how to properly assess the credibility of an interviewee. Similarly, I drafted this article, viewed by the 170,000 employees of The Boeing Company, regarding the start of a corporate ethics program within the company.

Marketing Copy

I have written a variety of marketing copy for companies, including press releases, radio advertisements, and website copy, in fields ranging from professional sports, finance, and the tech sector.